Our Rooms


The Dining room

Mealtimes are an important social occasion and shouldn’t be rushed. This is why we have a separate room for mealtimes, where younger and older children (including siblings) will eat together. Our staff are fully aware that this time is as important as the rest of the day, particularly for encouraging communication, friendships and independence.    

The Outdoors

The large enclosed outdoor area boasts a ‘Racing track’, herb garden, sensory garden, willow tunnel and quiet cosy areas, along with a range of outdoor equipment to challenge the enhance children’s physical skills. Plus, for those children who like ‘Fireman Sam’, we have our very own real life fire station next door which we can see from our outdoor area.

Baby Room

Our cosy baby room is equipped to meet the needs of your young child from their early beginnings where sleep, food and plenty of cuddles is essential to their growing independence as they learn to walk, talk and feed themselves. Your child will be cared for by a dedicated Key Person, who will attend to all of your child’s needs and liaise with you on all aspects of their care, routines and learning. The baby room has its own outdoor area where the babies are able to explore the outdoors as they wish.


The room has direct access to a large enclosed outdoor area where your child can race around the ‘Formula One’ racing track, or explore the ‘secret garden’; or in quieter moments spend some time in the willow tunnel, reading or chatting with friends and staff. Indoors the emphasis is still on exploration and investigation using natural materials. Your child’s key person will be observing their interests and planning activities which cover all the areas of learning and development in the Early Years Foundation Stage, in particular their emerging literacy and maths skills, together with art and design and understanding the world. The children have a letters and sounds session every day which helps with their early literacy development.

Tweenie Room

Learning through play is our key priority and from experience we know at this age the messier the better! Your child will explore sand and water play, gloop (cornflour and water) soil, snow, jelly…. the list is endless! Yet with a ratio of 1 adult to 3 children, your child will still have that special adult to help with their care needs, run to when they have found something exciting or scary! or to snuggle up to at storytime. The room has direct access to an outdoor area for exploring. Your child’s key person will be a very important link between home and nursery this is particularly important to enable us to accurately complete your child’s 2 year progress check.

The Sensory room

Children have access to a dedicated sensory room with lights, fabric and natural resources, which offers them a calm, soothing environment where distractions are kept to a minimum. Our room has recently been upgraded and we now have fibre optics and a wall panel. The sensory room is located within our Tweenies room.

Toddler Room

In our toddler room we extend our activities to promote the independence skills that they are striving for.  These activities will help promote the children's fine motor skills, hand-eye-coordination, communication, language and social skills and preferences.  The children learn to pour their own drinks, serve their own food at mealtimes and wipe their own face and hands.  Toddlers predominantly play freely and can use their imagination for role-play activities, music and dance and are encouraged to self-select toys from units that are at their height level.  Staff will encourage children to join in some adult-led activities such as story-time or creative art.  The toddler room always has a cosy book corner, which is used by the children for small group story times as well as individual book sharing and quiet times.  This helps to promote language development and a love of books. We work with Manchester Oral Health team to promote healthy teeth by having a brush bus. The children brush their teeth throughout the day.

When your child is ready we will work with you to encourage potty training. Until that time we ask that you provide nappies, wipes and a change of clothes for your child. Wellington boots are a good idea for wet weather as we let the children play outdoors all year long.