Debdale Nursery




Foundation Years Nurseries Debdale opened it's doors in February 2014. It is located in the beautiful and picturesque Debdale Park in Gorton, Manchester. It has it's own extensive and fully enclosed outdoor area, which we are gradually remodelling. Take a look at the photographs of our outdoors.

We take regular strolls in the park and enjoy it's many unique features, such as the  orchard with a giant willow tunnel and large expanses of undulating open fields for children to run, stroll and roll in!  please take a look at the photographs showing the children enjoying the changing seasons. 

We are determined to make the most of our beautiful surroundings and will be offering plenty of opportunity for our children to explore and investigate the outdoors. We will model our teaching and learning on the Forest School Approach - if you haven't heard of this before just Google 'Forest Schools', or try this website

Our staff are highly dedicated. They aim to support your child's developing skills, interests and enthusiasm's by observing your child, listening to you and planning an environment which will enthuse and inspire your child to learn, both indoors and outdoors. This is why we we make the most of our fantastic outdoor environment - who, as a child didn't love to dig in mud, run around in the rain and snow and look for rainbows and planes in the sky. And because we are in a large park we have fantastic views stretching right over to the magnificent hills of the Peak district.  

We try to be as flexible as possible and so whether you need full daycare or sessional care, our range of sessions and wrap around care options have been planned to meet those needs. 


Debdale Park, 

1075 Hyde Road,  



M18 7LJ. 

Tel: 0161 222 6050/0792 580 1353